Pest control

Pests running around?

Agrikumppanit provides a comprehensive solution for the pest problem at farms. We will make a farm specific survey and offer a solution for the rodent problems at a contract price.

Our men will check the traps four times a year; the points of time are separately agreed upon with the farm. If the farm has no bait boxes, it is possible to order them through us. If necessary, it is possible to perform the checks even more often!

Sami Syrjälä reminds us that the use of correct tools and substances is most important in pest control. The locations of the boxes also play an important role in the control.

In addition to spreading diseases, rodents can play havoc in electrical wires and structures of production plants.

Contact our pest control specialist regarding anything related to pest control!

Arto Pasuri
Sales Pest control
+358 41 457 7513